Cable, Cordless or Compressed Air Tools

Sometimes you're on the road from construction site to construction site, then you're back in the workshop. Depending on where you work, you can use cable machines or you have to use cordless machines. In this article, we explain how they differ and when compressed air machines can be used. In the tough practical test, we also compare cordless and cable machines. Who do you think will come out on top?

Machines as far as the eye can see. . Because that's where the selection of machines is so huge that you can get help to make the right choice for your application . In order to navigate through this machine variety we differentiate between three machine categories:

  1. Cable
  2. Battery Pack
  3. Compressed Air

Cable Machines – Consistent Power

Electric or cable machines can only be used where there is a power connection , for example in the workshop. Plug in and let's go!

Once plugged in, the machine enjoys constant power and runs and runs and runs... Wherever cordless machines reach their limits, corded machines are definitely on the more reliable side. For example, the cable machine is the first choice for cutting or grinding work on large workpieces in the metal sector. Cable machines are also unrivaled when it comes to large mortising and drilling machines.

Cordless machines – Flexible Companions

If the constant power in the form of a power connection is not available, battery machines are used , which allow the necessary flexibility. The rechargeable batteries ensure that you can always be used anywhere. Here applies: battery up and let's go! But please don't forget to charge!

Sawing, drilling, screwing, gluing : There is a choice of cordless machines for every trade and every application.

When do you use a 12 volt and when do you use an 18 volt machine?

Whether electrician or carpenter, it always depends on the application . Roughly speaking, you choose from the 12-volt range for light and medium-heavy work , if more power is required, such as when working with metal with an angle grinder , then it is better to go for the 18-volt class.

Compressed air machines – Uncomplicated Diversity

If a standing compressor is available in the workshop, then compressed air machines are a good choice because many different machines can be connected to the compressed air. As the name suggests, the compressor builds up pressure, which it then releases to the machine. The big advantages are, on the one hand, that the machines are fairly quiet and, on the other hand, that the machines can be repositioned quickly and with little effort .

This can be the case, for example, when wheels are changed in the garage . Then you remove the compressed air impact wrench from the compressed air hose in a matter of seconds and attach the tire inflator.

But compressed air is also often used in material processing . Whether grinding, cutting or polishing - all work can be done with compressed air machines.

Compressors are also popular in woodworking, for example carpenters appreciate the constant power of compressed air when using grinding machines . These are also very light and ensure fatigue-free work.

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