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Choosing the right type of Work Clothes!

Choosing the right type of Würth Work Clothes!

The New M-Cube ® Power Tools Series

Inspired by your Ideas.

Made by Wurth.

Full Power. Full Service. That is what we promise our customers with our new range of high-performance cordless power tools. As a manufacturer, we can cater to...

Keeping a ZEBRA® in your toolbox!

If you only know zebras from the zoo, you've missed something for decades! Because ZEBRA® is the quality brand from Würth that impresses with innovation, durability and the promise of guarantee. And f...

Protecting your most important tool!

The hands are the most direct tool of man. Almost nothing works without them. How much we depend on them is usually determined when there is an injury.A small cut in the fingertip is enough to spoil u...

Why good tools have a price!

Longevity & Guarantee

Good tools are durable and can ideally be used for many years. The ZEBRA® brand at Würth has stood for the highest perfection and quality for over 40 years. Therefore, there is ...