Protecting Your Eyes - The Würth Way

Protecting Your Eyes - The Würth Way

Drilling, sanding, sawing: On the construction site, flying chips and splinters or flying sparks can quickly catch your eye. Serious injuries are the result. With the right safety goggles you can prevent. We explain what to look for.

A workplace eye injury can cause lingering, permanent vision damage, which has the potential to disable a worker for life. Even seemingly minor eye injuries can cause long-term problems and suffering, like recurrent and painful corneal erosion from a minimal scratch caused by sawdust, cement or drywall.

When you think about eye protection like this (and bear in mind that we each get one set of eyeballs to last us a lifetime!) it makes practical and financial sense to ensure that the right protection is available to workers while on the job.

About 70 percent of all eye injuries are caused by mechanical effects. It means, by blows, shock - or foreign body, which penetrate into the eye. On construction sites, the danger for this is particularly high, because when drilling, grinding or sawing fly not only the sparks, but also a lot of shavings and splinters. Goggles prevent. Here are some things to keep in mind:


1. Glasses are not all the same.

 Eye protection is an absolute must on the construction and/or working site. Employers are obliged to determine which dangers (mechanical, optical, chemical, thermal, biological or electrical) exist for the eyes and face. Accordingly, protective measures must be planned for and put into practice.


2. Oprimum protection, optimum comfort

The best glasses are of no use if they are not worn. Therefore, make sure when choosing the model that you are comfortable wearing them. It all starts with the wieght of the model. Modern glasses such as Würth's LIBRA wieighs less than 20 grams and as such are hardly noticeable on your face.


Adjustable nose pads and straps ensure a perfect fit. For a permanently unrestricted view, the windows should be scratch-resistant on the outside and fog-free on the inside thanks to the use of a special coating. The LIBRA and Würth's other models are also aesthetically pleasing and quite in demand.

Würth offers goggles in various designs and for different uses. Visit our Eshop to view all our range and easily place your order from home.

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