The Right Cutting Tools and Techniques

It is not only the selection of the right cutting disc and the right machine that are crucial for an optimal result. Proper handling of the work utensils can also have a positive impact on the quality of the separation. We will show you which cutting wheel suits you and which tips and tricks can help you achieve the best result.

The thickness and hardness of the cutting wheel material

The thickness of the cutting disc has a decisive influence on the speed and the quality of the cutting. The basic rule is: the thinner a cutting disc, the faster and more precise the cut. But be careful: the thinner the cutting disc, the more it tends to flutter.

The contact pressure and the angle of attack

Cutting discs are only designed for radial loads , i.e. the axis is only loaded from above. Do not cut rounds or loops with cutting discs, as the discs may tilt and the material may break out.

The load on the cutting disc

If you work with thick materials, there is a high level of side friction, which can lead to a kick-back or recoil effect. This means that the machine is pushed out of the material and you are at risk of injury.

Make sure that the contact pressure is not too high and that you have set the correct speed . Use a safety lock nut to keep the risk of injury low.

The speed of the cutting disc

If the speed of the disc is too high, it becomes blunt , if the speed is too low it wears out too quickly. The ideal speed depends on the cutting disc used and depends on the hardness of the material to be processed.

The right protection for cutting work

Always wear suitable protective clothing when working with cutting discs . Protective goggles or a face shield are particularly important in order to protect against flying chips and sparks. Should something land in the eye, you can quickly and easily remove it with an eye wash solution.Universal, very comfortable cut protection glove with nitrile foam coating. In addition, you should make sure to wear ear protection and protective gloves to keep the risk of injury as low as possible.

Cutting disc Speed ​​Plus

The Speed ​​Plus cutting disc for iron and stainless steel impresses with its long service life and high cutting speed.

It is ideal for separating pipes, ventilation ducts, sheets (e.g. containers, sheet metal constructions), pipes, rods, steel reinforcements, profiles and rails (in the sanitary area), cable trays and cable ducts, power cables, steel cables, composite materials, plastics and many other materials.

The advantages of the Speed ​​Plus cutting disc :

Super thin
The Speed ​​Plus cutting disc is the thinnest of the cutting discs. With the thin sheet profile of 0.8 mm, it is ideal for processing thin-walled materials made of steel and stainless steel.

Super fast
It separates extremely quickly and is comparatively quiet and low in sparks.

Minimal burr
When cutting with the Speed ​​Plus cutting disc, there is only minimal burr formation. The cut is very precise and there is significantly less tarnishing.

Less resistance in the material
The narrow segments avoid unnecessary friction losses.

Longer Lifetime
Instead of the usual 10 mm, the diamond cutting disc has a segment height of up to 14 mm. It also has 40% more cutting diamonds.

Optimized dust removal and cooling
The fan segments supply cooling air and convey the dust out of the cut. Special cooling openings in an "arrow arrangement" serve as additional cooling and as a captive direction indicator.

Quieter running and more comfortable work
PTFE-filled slots, the so-called “silent holes”, reduce uncontrolled vibrations and unpleasant running noises.


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