Tools Trivia!

1. The fear of machines is called mechanophobia

2. Wilhelm Emil Fein (born January 16, 1842 in Ludwigsburg, † October 6, 1898 in Stuttgart) is considered the inventor of the hand-held electric drill.

3. In France, during the industrial revolution, workers threw their wooden shoes on the machines on which they had to work in order to take a break or to demonstrate against mechanization. These wooden shoes are called "sabots". Hence the word “sabotage”.

4. The inventor of the bikini, Louis Reard, was a mechanical engineer.

5. Octopuses build small houses out of coconut shells. They are the only molluscs who know how to use tools.

6. The oldest tool in human history is the ax.

7. The smallest functioning cordless screwdriver in the world comes from New Zealand and measures a total of just 17 by 7.5 by 13 millimeters.

8. The best-selling hand tool worldwide is the screwdriver.

9. The screwdriver has been used since the end of the 17th century, although the iron screw only gained importance with the invention of the machine tool in the middle of the 19th century. Until then, screw production was very tedious because the thread had to be filed in by hand.

10. The Robertson screw is a screw whose head is provided with a square inner square. This version was always rare in Europe, but is still common in Canada and the USA. By the way: Over 700 Robertson screws were installed in the Ford Model T. 

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