Boating experiences made easy

Boating experiences made easy

Starting a blog is always an exciting thing. In this blog I am hoping to bring you the latest and greatest plus, some old favourites. Some insider information and some researched information. At Würth we are always striving to inform and educate, because an educated audience will always come to reasonable conclusions. DIY’ers and hands-on ‘dilettanti’ are what this blog is all about.

Although it’s spring, everyone knows that in Malta we only think in two seasons, namely summer and winter. Right now we’re at summer’s doorstep, so everyone who’s got the sea bug will be at the height of preparation season. If you’re anything like me, you would have spent your winter dreaming about the improvements you would install on the boat for the following season. With this comes all the planning, starting from the date you would like to launch your boat, working backwards to the present. People who had thought about this all winter long would be well under way right now. Even if you have no big projects, getting ready for launch involves, cleaning, replacing old stuff, fixing and tidying of stuff that was undone during last season and last on the list would be sanding and refreshing your antifouling paint.

At Würth you’ll be able to find the finest stainless steel fittings for your boat, whether it’s a small ‘frejgatina’ or a pleasure boat right up to professional fishing boats and superyachts. The philosophy behind Würth stainless steel products is to install once a let it do its job without a hint of worry as to the quality of the fittings that were installed.

Below the waterline, Würth antifouling products are as good as they come. This year, Würth has introduced the ultimate antifouling paint, the ECO53. This is a self-polishing, copper free antifouling paint, that has an outstanding performance in almost all conditions as it is suitable for boats operating at high speeds, medium speeds and low speeds. ECO53 is really ideal for boats with long stationery periods. It is designed to protect hulls made from GRP, wood or light alloys. One of the most important features is that there is no discoloration for paint which is situated above or below the waterline. It has an excellent abrasion resistance also during towing.

When applied on suitable primers the paint has excellent adhesion and undesirable sea creatures will be a worry of the past, letting you enjoy the summer of your life.

Happy boating!