Loosening Rusty Screws

Before we tackle rust, let's briefly explain the cause of all evil. Rust only occurs where iron has been processed. Your cutlery can be affected as well as screws, locks, garden tools or parts of your vehicle. When iron comes into contact with moisture and oxygen, it will corrode through oxidation. Oxygen atoms combine with iron, and this creates a layer of iron oxide (rust). This usually happens fast and the rust spreads quickly.

The Solution? Chemical Rust Removers

Slightly rusted screws can usually be loosened without any problems. But the thicker the layer of iron oxide, the more difficult it becomes. In the following, we would like to show you that chemical rust removers are a quick helper that is guaranteed not to fail. These are the top 5 Würth products to use in each specific situation:


A high-performance rust remover with food grade registration.  It is an NSF H1 registered and can therefore be used in the food-related area.

Application: Spray on the parts to be treated and let the rust remover take effect for a short time. The optimum effect begins shortly after spraying.


The mineral oil-free spray Boltex loosens the rust from the surface, effectively penetrating the rusted connection and making it easier to loosen the tight nuts and bolts. Its cleaning effect successfully removes rust deposits such as rust film, encrustations and oil residues.

Application: Spray on the parts to be treated. A flat spraying for surface cleaning is also possible. Boltex loosens the rust on the surface and effectively penetrates the rusted joint. The exposure time varies depending on the degree of rusting. Wipe the parts with a cloth or rinse with water.


A particularly high-quality product used loosen extremely rusted and oxidized screw connections on cars, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery, aggregates and other devices. It contains the liquid, highly effective, organic molybdenum compound OMC2 . In contrast to products that contain solid lubricants such as MOS2, OMC2 does not settle in larger containers and friction is reduced. 

Application: Spray on the parts to be treated and leave to take effect for a short time. In the case of stubborn connections, repeat the application and extend the exposure time if necessary.


The product works by cooling the material surface down to -40°C, thus causing micro cracks to appear in the corrosion layer at the connection points. This breaks up the rust and thus ensure better penetration of the active substance. 

Application: Remove coarse dirt. Shake the can before use and spray the stuck parts from a very short distance until the sprayed area turns blue. For
stubborn cases, repeat the process.


This versatile multifunctional spray for various areas of application lubricates, cleans and cares for locks, hinges, bushings, chains and door locks. It stops squeaks and creaks and makes everything that's stuck or jammed slide . It cleans and cares for plastic and metal parts such as panels and housings, loosens rust and protects against corrosion.

The Maintenance Oil Multi is the indispensable all-rounder for everyday use because it can be used in five different ways. As a versatile multifunctional spray, it is ideal for various areas of application.