Protecting your most important tool!

The hands are the most direct tool of man. Almost nothing works without them. How much we depend on them is usually determined when there is an injury.A small cut in the fingertip is enough to spoil us for a whole working day, a pinched finger occupies us for weeks. Every craftsman pays attention to his tools. It not only protects it from gross damage, but also ensures proper care.

The following therefore applies to our hands:

  • Skin protection before starting work. Modern skin protection creams form a thin protective film over the skin, thus preventing the penetration of microparticles, drying out and the formation of allergies.
  • Skin cleaning after dirty work. Up-to-date soaps can be expected to quickly remove the dirt particles from the skin (too long rubbing damages the superficial skin cells), but not to upset the skin's PH value too much. Try our cleaning product for effective cleaning after a hard day's work.
  • Skin care after work. To promote skin regeneration after a hard day's work. The skin needs moisturizing support such as  lotions  , especially in the cold season .

Therefore, pay attention to high-quality skin protection and skin care products, hand cleaners, foamslotions and work gloves for your areas of application. Professional skin protection, skin cleaning and skin care on the most important tool of human beings, our hands, pay off!

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