Why good tools have a price!

Longevity & Guarantee

Good tools are durable and can ideally be used for many years. The ZEBRA® brand at Würth has stood for the highest perfection and quality for over 40 years. Therefore, there is a 100% promise of satisfaction on ZEBRA® products.


A tool should definitely be in your hand. And that is also a good indicator that you can work with it for a long time without fatigue. Good handling is not only particularly important, for example with pliers. The combination plier with the ergonomic and non-slip 2-component comfort grip with slim collar shape ensure comfortable working and optimal power transmission.

Additional Benefits

There are tools that can do more. This is an important criterion for professionals when choosing tools. Do you know a " dust-free ratchet "? This offers protection against dirt as it is closed and therefore neither dust nor dirt can get in, which means that the mechanics remain permanently lubricated and negative environmental influences do not affect the moving parts: the ratchet is completely maintenance-free!

Not sure which tool to choose for your daily work? Get advice from experts by contact Wurth Malta today!

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