Taking care of your A/C Unit

If you live in an area that reaches sweltering temperatures, you know how uncomfortable it can get when the air conditioner stops functioning properly. It can be nearly impossible to get work done when you’re sweating in blistering heat in your own home, which is why it’s important to maintain your air conditioning unit.

We have put together the top five reasons homes and businesses experience problems with their A/C unit.

1. Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is used to remove humidity as well as heat from the air in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Over time, leaks can develop in refrigerant lines and lead to low levels of refrigerant. When this happens, the air pumped into your building is not cooled effectively. To repair refrigerant leaks in air conditioners, a qualified technician must find the leaks in your air conditioner and repair them.

2. Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are on the outdoor part of the unit and are responsible for expelling heat. When condenser coils get dirty, they don’t function properly and heat is not removed from the interior of the building. Your unit’s lifespan will also be shortened, as the unit must work harder to cool the interior. You can clean condenser coils on your own or have a technician assess your unit and perform the necessary maintenance. You can also find our Surface Purying Foam and  our System Cleaner here.

3. Frozen Evaporator Coils

Refrigerant is held in the evaporator coils of your unit, allowing it to absorb heat present in the air. In order for the evaporator coil to function properly, warm air must circulate around it. If there is a problem with airflow and the air around the evaporator is too cold, ice builds up on the coil. A frozen evaporator coil will lead to warm air coming from your unit or, in some cases, no air at all.

4. Fan Issues

Your unit is equipped with two fans that perform very important jobs. One fan must blow the air that is collected from your home or business over the evaporator while the other fan must blow hot air out of the building. Both fans need to be functioning properly in order for your unit to blow cool air. Problems with fans are often due to worn out belts, faulty motors, dirt build-up, or lack of lubrication.

5. Thermostat Problems

In incorrectly calibrated thermostat can also be the cause of your unit’s issues. Older thermostats are even more likely to have calibration issues, but this problem is easy to fix – you can either replace the thermostat or recalibrate it. Check your thermostat’s manual or contact a technician to find out the best option for your thermostat.

Neglecting problems with your unit can cause even more damage and result in expensive repairs or the replacement of an entire unit. If you want to ensure that your air conditioner lasts for as long as possible keep an eye out for these common problems and speak with a technician if you notice your home or business is not being cooled efficiently.

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