Zebra Powerdriv®

Whether screwed screws and insulted nuts - or worn keys and unreliable bits: Forget the conventional annoyances of screwdriving work. The Zebra Powerdriv® system loosens screws and nuts in the twinkling of an eye - and tightens them particularly powerfully. Working with the innovative Powerdriv® tools from Würth ensures both time saving and efficiency. On the other hand, tools and materials durable and wil last a life time. Damaged, over-tightening screws are a thing of the past. In addition, even old and rusted screws can be loosened without any problems. Incidentally, the development of the tailor-made principle has its origin in aviation. Find out here how it works in practice and what advantages it offers for daily work.

All-round conclusive: Why the Powerdriv®-Zebra saves you a lot of work

The innovative wrench system from Zebra Powerdriv® was originally developed for the extreme requirements of aviation. A comparatively higher power transmission guarantees the more gentle stress on the screws. As a result, the accuracy of fit when working is particularly high.

The principle: more power, more grip, more surface!

The Powerdriv® ring spanner grips the screws on the flanks - and not on the corners as is conventional. The force is applied to a surface instead of a line - and thus better distributed. The transitions are round. The normally unfavorable notch effect due to the stress peaks in the corners is eliminated. This enables the ring to be gripped securely.

With Powerdriv® - surface pressure
Components are therefore less stressed. Even screws that are already damaged or weathered can be easily loosened. As new screws benefit from a longer service life. Instead of the usual rounding when screwing, the service life increases significantly. The overspeeding values ​​of the Powerdriv® ring spanner are thus far above DIN.

Nuts, screws, bits: full commitment to the Powerdriv® system

With the high-quality ring spanners, bit systems and socket wrench inserts from Würth, you are guaranteed to have everything under control. The innovative tool optimizes any screwing work in the long term. And won't let you down, even in continuous professional use.

Powerdriv® ring spanner with firm flank grip

Powerdriv® double ring spanner © WuerthThe Powerdriv® double ring spanner with slim, thin-walled heads and short shaft does not slip even when working in confined spaces. The construction site helper is available in 15 versions.

Powerdriv® socket wrench inserts for eternity

The rounded Zebra Powerdriv® profile reliably reduces the notch effect. There are no longer any acute angles, but significantly more power transmission and a longer tool life. Available in almost 60 designs (metric and pipe bowl, hexagonal and 12-point output).

Powerdriv® bit system with grip and bite

The Würth Powerdriv® system optimizes the connection between bit holder and insert. This increases the contact surface of the bit in the holder. The Zebra® bit holder inherently absorbs high loads. If the load capacity is exceeded, the Powerdriv® bit itself also comes into action. It reliably cushions further peaks.

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