Common Injuries at Work!

In Malta, around 9 work related accidents are reported everyday. Obviously many more go unreported or unnoticed. The most common accidents are related to falls: trip hazards in the company, falling stairs and slipping on wet or slippery floors make up around 20 percent of all work accidents. There are also cuts, bruises and bruises. These are mostly the result of carelessness or inadequate safety precautions. Injuries are part of everyday work in the craft. It is all the more important that you react correctly in an emergency.


Spilled liquids, oily floors and water can be very dangerous if you don't wear the right footwear or are careless for a moment. This may results in bruises, sprains or even fractures.

How to react correctly:

- Talk to the person concerned. If he is unresponsive, call the emergency doctor immediately!
- Ask the person concerned if they are in pain.
- Look for signs of an injury. Call the emergency doctor immediately for larger wounds, suspected concussion, dislocations or fractures.
- Help the person on slowly, if he shows no major injuries. Otherwise, help the person to a stable position.
- Cool bruises and treat abrasions.

Cuts and abrasions

Cut injuries with knives or cutters account for more than half of accidents with non-powered hand tools. With power-operated hand tools, angle grinders and flex are often responsible for injuries. It is important to find out from the person concerned whether he has been vaccinated against tetanus. Even small wounds can lead to wound infection. The signs of this are redness, swelling, pain or fever.

How to react correctly to small wounds:

- Clean your hands and use disposable gloves (also for your own protection ).
- Let the wound bleed briefly and then rinse it carefully with drinking water or wound irrigation solution.
- Carefully remove dirt and foreign objects. Consult a doctor if problems arise.
- Apply an antiseptic ointment.
- Apply a plaster: Würth long plaster strips are particularly suitable for small injuries to the finger .

Tip: If there are frequent cuts in your company, it is worth buying a plaster dispenser.

How to react correctly to large wounds:

- Clean your hands and use disposable gloves (also for your own protection ).
- Use your finger to pinch blood vessels.
- Put on a pressure bandage and call a doctor. This is especially true for deep cuts or lacerations, wounds on the head, restricted mobility, tingling and feelings of numbness.
- If a complete part of the body is separated: do not wash it off and place it on ice in a waterproof bag.-
- If necessary, carry out further first aid measures, such as the recovery position.


Whether your fingers get pinched in the door, slipped with a hammer,  bruises on the extremities are usually harmless, but can cause great pain. After the accident, bruising and swelling often result in a bruise.

How to react correctly:

- Cool the affected area. Be careful not to chill too long to avoid frostbite. Fingers should not be chilled for more than five minutes.
- Do not put Coolpacks directly on the skin, use a towel as an intermediate layer.
- In the event of severe bruising, call the emergency doctor.
- Apply an analgesic ointment.
- If necessary, use a bandage to immobilize the joint.
- If the pain does not improve after two days, a doctor should be consulted.

Burns / scalds

Redness, blistering and pain are typical symptoms after a burn. How you should react to hot water, fire or hot materials in an accident depends on the severity of the burn. 

How to react correctly to light burns:

- Cool the area under running water.
- Apply a cooling burn ointment.
- Cover the wound with an aluminum plaster strip .

How to react correctly to severe burns:

- Dial the emergency call immediately.
- Keep the affected person warm with an emergency blanket, since the heat regulation of the body is disturbed in the case of burn victims.
- Cover wounds with a sterile dressing and a loose bandage.
- Remove affected person's clothing if it does not adhere to the skin.
- Under no circumstances cool the affected person!
- Carry out the recovery position.

Do not forget that the emergency number in Malta is 112! In case you need a new First Aid Box or need an upgrade, you can visit our online store.

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