Nothing but Perfection!

Francesco Gagliardi and Roberto Rapposelli have a close relationship with their nostalgic brown bike. The two Würth employees work on the grounds of the yacht manufacturer Ferretti in Forli, Italy, and practically belong to the team of shipyard workers.

The two logisticians use their bike marked with a Würth logo for moving around through the different ORSY racks around the shipyard.If the materials run out in a production hall, they get a call, jump on their bikes and take the ordering scanner with them. They forward the order immediately in Ferretti's own Würth shop. There are also many thousands of products in stock that are needed every day for yacht building: screws, nuts, tools, occupational safety, care and abrasives, silicones and adhesives. A lot is built on a yacht - from the electrical and plumbing installation to the air conditioning and the engine to lots of luxury interiors. Much of it is attached, glued and refined with products from Würth. What if something is missing? Then Roberto or Francesco quickly bring it by bike - including a friendly smile.

Yacht building unites design and technology to perfection

"Yacht construction brings together two important aspects," says Michelangelo Casadei, who, as technical director of the Ferretti Group, is responsible for the engineering services. "On the one hand, it is the design, the style, the emotional side," he explains, "on the other hand, it is the functional-technological part, the performance, the performance." According to Casadei, the art of the engineer consists of performance, Bringing weight, space, comfort and safety in a balanced relationship, that is "creating a villa at sea that is seaworthy". More than 20 highly specialized employees in his department work precisely on this with their software programs and bring with them world-class expertise.

Würth is the perfect partner for process optimization

At Würth, Casadei, a tall engineer with a keen eye for detail, appreciates not only the high product and service quality, but also the pronounced customer focus. At Ferretti, it was possible to revolutionize the construction of yachts through the partnership with Würth: through leaner lean management processes, an accelerated material flow and many standardized work steps. Casadei appreciates that the high-tech logistics systems from Würth are complemented by an elegant courier bike as a creative part of process optimization. He has a warm relationship with the two Würth employees, Franceso and Roberto. Because with all perfection and excellence, there is something at Ferretti that is part of every Würth customer relationship: a human touch.

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