You know the Drill!

What is a Twist drill?

Twist Drill is a  high-speed drill for precise drilling in hand-guided use in almost all materials

It rarely happens that you work with only one material on a construction site. Usually you have composite materials or different materials in which you want to drill a hole.

That means you need several drills, which you have to rewrap with every change, or you choose a simple solution, the universal drill:

As the name suggests, universal drills are suitable for several materials . You can use them for almost all materials such as stainless steel, conventional steels up to a certain degree of hardness depending on the manufacturer, but also cast iron and non-ferrous metals. These drills are especially recommended if you want to drill a hole where several materials are connected. But also practical if you want to avoid having to reclamp the drill.

Drilling in metal

Metals come from soft to hard. Corresponding to this specification, there are also suitable metal drills in different degrees of hardness.
The following applies: The classic twist drill is used most frequently in the metal sector.
The detection of Würth twist drills is easy. Color rings are attached to the shaft of the drill. These show at a glance which material the drill is used for in the main.

Würth color coding system for drills

You can recognize which materials the drill is best suited for by using different colored rings.

Blue = steel
Red = hard materials
Green = stainless steel
Violet = universal
Yellow = aluminum

Drilling in wood

Wood is a soft material compared to metal or glass.

Wood drills , which are also well suited for plastics, usually have a very thin tip, which prevents the wood from splintering

Drilling in Stone/Concrete

The tip geometry of the drill is crucial for material compatibility.

Stone drills have a wide, specially developed carbide plate geometry with multi-surface precision grinding.

If you have now found your favorite drill according to the material, you should still pay attention to the interaction between the drill and the machine!

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