Concrete Anchoring

Concrete screws are sometimes the fastest way to fasten in concrete. The assembly is only done by screwing in - without any torque or setting tool. You can reduce your assembly times by up to 50% using a cordless tangential impact screwdriver.

The advantages of the concrete screw and possible applications include:

1. Completely removable

Concrete screws can be dismantled completely and as a whole - simply unscrew them. Ideal for temporary fixings.

2. Attachments can be adjusted later

Approved for adjustability after assembly (sizes 8 - 14). Attachments such. B. Railings can be subsequently aligned in the assembled state.

3. Visually appealing

With the countersunk concrete screw you can easily achieve surface-flush fastenings if desired. Protruding bolts and nuts are a thing of the past. Fastenings that are flush with the anchor plate are particularly suitable for railings and handrails.

4. The right concrete screw for every application

The W-BS concrete screw is available in numerous versions - always suitable for your application.

The version with a hexagon head and a pressed-on washer is ideal, for example, for fastening steel supports. The countersunk version is ideal for attaching handrails, railings or wooden substructures.

The concrete screw with socket and M8 / M10 internal thread is the perfect assembly solution especially for SHK applications. In addition to the galvanized steel versions, many variants are also available in A4 stainless steel .

5. Even forces on concrete: high tensile loads - regardless of the material!

The innovative thread geometry ensures an enormous hold in the concrete. The tensile loads could be improved by up to 100% compared to the previous screw anchor!

In addition, quick and easy setting is possible - even in high-strength concrete.

The A4 stainless steel concrete screw has the same performance data as the galvanized steel version. Different assembly and performance data are no longer required - the use of both materials is thereby significantly simplified! This means that the new concrete screw is moving at an unprecedented level.

The welded-on cutting points ensure a pleasant setting behavior of the stainless variant. o deeper drill hole is required.

6. Three setting depths

Approved for three setting depths (sizes 6 - 14). This means that the concrete screw can be used extremely flexibly, depending on the installation situation.

In order to offer you maximum safety during processing, the concrete screw W-BS is extensively approved:

Single attachment (sizes 6 to 14)
Multiple fastening of non-load-bearing systems in concrete (size 6)
Multiple fastening in prestressed concrete hollow slab ceilings (size 6).

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