Würth Rapid Repair Tape

Sometimes you have to act quickly, especially with when you have a water leak! Many have  experienced this at home when the hose of the washing machine was suddenly no longer tight and their laundry room was already flooded.

That is where Würth's  instant repair tape at home will come handy and you will be able to repair the leak quickly. 

It is no wonder that such a washing machine hose is the easiest exercise for our repair belt. The tape has multidute of appllications and is heat resistant up to 260 ° C and cold-resistant to -65 ° C . It can withstand a pressure of up to 8 bar . So it can take a lot more than a washing machine hose pipe!

To use, simply cut the desired length and remove the film on the bottom. Then tension the tape over the point where it is needed. Depending on the pressure, 2 to 5 layers are required for secure sealing. The tape can be removed without residue by simply cutting it open with a knife.  The tape comes in  black, red and transparent.

All further information about the instant repair tape is available in our shop .

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