Drilling with the best Tools

Drilling with the best Tools

Drilling is one of the most common jobs in the craft. To prevent blunt drills or frayed drill holes, you can do the following: choose the winner among the HSCO drills , the spiral drill from Würth.

You probably know this when you start the drill, switch on the drill and the tip of the drill slips off. Or if the drill gets stuck. Or if you need a whole arsenal of different drills to always have a suitable one for your needs. These problems are time-consuming and nerve-racking and, above all, unprofitable.

High quality HSCO drills according to DIN 338 in different qualities are used every day . These drills are characterized above all by high tempering resistance, wear resistance and heat hardness. Choosing a high-quality drill that can withstand everyday stresses guarantees precise work.

What is the difference between the Würth HSCO DIN 338 MFC Speed ​​drill and other drills? Quite simply, he is the winner among the drills. What that means? It wins countless tests and is very popular because it solves many problems that arise during drilling.

It enables optimal centering, even on curved surfaces. And as the name “Speed” suggests in the name, it is the fastest among the drills. Thanks to the new speed geometry of the drill, you can get to your drill holes up to 50% faster than with conventional, ground twist drills.

It ensures precise drilling with hand-held use in almost all materials, such as stainless steel (e.g. V2A, V4A), heat-resistant steels, conventional steel up to 1,200 N / mm² strength, cast iron, non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminum, aluminum alloys, bronze, plastic) and also titanium.

The Würth high-speed drill is truly an all-rounder and solves frequently occurring problems that arise during drilling. You save time and trouble and are well equipped.

For more information about this drill bit you can watch the following clip

Piece adapted from Wurth Austria Online Magazine